It doesn’t matter if you are a frequent air traveller or just started planning your first flight – you still have to prepare for your journey! And that involves more than just cramming your plane ticket, passport and hotel reservation into a bag. We narrowed down 5 other things that you want to do even before you leave for the airport.

  1. Research your trip

If you’re going to a country that you had never visited before, you should look into means of getting from the airport to the hotel. That way you will know if you need to avoid taxis or what bizarre procedures you need to follow to use mass transit. On the more mundane side, you should check which car rental strike that balance between quality and price.

Once you know everything there is to Google about the means of transportation, you can move to actually planning where you want to go. The internet is saturated with information on all the cool places you can go to at your destination. As long as you’re not afraid of doing some snooping yourself, you can make your own tour plan. Google Maps is a massively helpful app in this situation as it provides a very useful tool for getting your bearings on site.

You might also want to look at Google Maps or TripAdvisor to see which local restaurants are the best rated. There are rumors of locals specifically down-voting good spots to discourage tourists, so you might actually want to read the reviews.

Skycop advice
  1. Get ready for the flight

Before you leave to embark on your majestic airborne journey – take that, gravity! – make sure you have all of your documents with you. You definitely want to have a valid passport, the tickets (whether printed or in a digital format), your carry-on, and your usual luggage. Make sure your stuff fits within the regulations set down by the airline – you won’t win much by arguing with their employees at the airport!

Don’t forget to check in – especially since online check-ins exist and save you so much time. That way, you’ll be still eligible for compensation in the event that your flight is delayed or cancelled or you are denied boarding due to overbooking. Make sure that you know your air passenger rights, established by the Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 of the European Parliament. If something like that did happen, Skycop would be more than happy to help you get your compensation!

If you are travelling with checked baggage, affix something bright and memorable to it so distinguish stuff. That way, it will be much easier and faster to find your luggage on the conveyor belt once you land.

  1. Take Money in Two Different States

Unfortunately, we still have to exchange money for goods and services. However, money is now available in various forms or states. That’s why it’s smart to take some of the money you budgeted for the trip in cash and leave some on your credit/debit card.

You should also be mindful of exchange rates. It is usually cheaper to exchange money in your home country than abroad. ATMs usually give good exchange rates in-country – just be weary of scammers stalking the machines!

  1. Prepare Your Electronics

Nobody wants to travel without all of their gadgets and electronic gewgaws. At the very least, you want to have your smartphone on you – how else will you post your holiday snaps on Instagram, get mad at people on Twitter and maybe even reach out to emergency services or something?

But before you go, you need to make sure that you will be able to recharge your devices. Check if the country you’re planning on visiting uses the same electrical socket plugs as yours. In some cases – like Europeans travelling to the US – you’ll need to buy an adapter for your chargers. However, sometimes the countries run grids in different voltage – make sure that your gadgets are prepared for that.

  1. Pack Some Clothing into Your Carry-On

The great thing about your carry-on luggage is that, barring theft or freak toilet accidents, it will not suddenly disappear. You will always have it close. The same can’t be said about the checked-in luggage, which might fall afoul of errors both human and mechanical, and end up landing at the other side of the world.

To avoid getting caught with your pants down– and to actually have pants – always pack an extra set of clothes into your cabin luggage. That way you’ll be prepared for the eventuality of your main baggage deciding to travel independently as well as such “small joys” like another passenger’s baby throwing up on you.

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