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Was Your Jet2 Flight Disrupted? Jet2 Compensation

You can get up to €600 compensation for delayed, cancelled or overbooked flight.


Jet2 (LS) is a UK-based low-cost airline and holiday company, headquartered in Leeds, England. Established in 2002, Jet2 has grown to become the third-largest scheduled airline in the UK, operating flights to over 80 destinations across Europe. The airline is part of the Jet2 plc group, which also includes a leisure travel arm offering package holidays to popular destinations. 

City: Leeds

Country: England

Jet2 Compensation for Flight Delays and Cancellations

Flight delays can be frustrating, especially if you have an exciting vacation or important business meeting ahead. Fortunately, plane disruption claims can compensate you for your trouble.

If your flight was delayed or cancelled, this article will help you get the proper Jet2 refund for your flight delay.

When Are You Entitled To Jet2 Flight Compensation?

EU Regulation 261/2004 sets out compensation rights for passengers in the event of flight disruptions. Read more to find out exactly when you are entitled to Jet2 flight compensation.

Flight Disruptions

You may be entitled Jet2 flight delay compensation if your arrival was delayed by more than 3 hours. EU Regulation 261/2004 also requires compensation for denied boarding due to overbooking.

Schedule Change

Passengers must receive at least 14 days’ cancellation notice. Otherwise, passengers are entitled to compensation. However, passengers also aren’t entitled to compensation if the change doesn’t delay their arrival.

Flight Cancellations

If your flight has been cancelled with less than 14 days’ notice, you may be eligible for Jet2 compensation for a cancelled flight.

Extraordinary Circumstances

As part of Jet2’s refund policy, you are NOT eligible to receive Jet2 compensation if your flight disruption was caused by factors beyond the airline’s control.

This includes weather conditions, air traffic control decisions and problems with airport infrastructure.

Claim Jet2 for Flight Delay Compensation

Experienced Delayed Flights With Jet2?

Does your flight delay meet the criteria for Jet2 flight delay compensation?

If yes, fill out the Jet2 flight delay claim form. Record your information, flight number and booking reference, then submit your jet2 flight claim.

Although the airline doesn’t provide a timeline, they will review your claim and pay compensation if they approve your claim.

Airlines sometimes try to avoid paying compensation. If you believe your claim was unjustly rejected, contact Skycop for assistance. Our legal experts will fight for your compensation.

Claim Jet2 for Flight Cancellation Compensation

Jet2 Surprised You With Flight Cancellation?

Jet2 claims for flight cancellation follow the same process as claims for flight delay. If the airline gave you less than 14 days’ cancellation notice, submit a Jet2 compensation form.

After submitting the Jet2 refund form, you can also fill out Skycop’s claim form. The team at Skycop is experts in aviation regulations and knows exactly how to handle the entire claims process. Just sit back and wait to receive your compensation.

Claiming Compensation for Disrupted Jet2 Flights with Skycop

With Skycop, claiming delay compensation from Jet2 is simple and easy. After submitting your Jet2 claim form, follow these steps:

 1. Register on Skycop

Create an account on Skycop. You’ll need to enter your email address, create a password and agree to Skycop’s terms and conditions.

2. Provide Flight Details

Skycop will ask for the following information:

  • Flight itinerary details
  • Type of disruption, delay time and advance notice given.
  • Reason for the cancellation (if the airline provided one)
  • A brief explanation of your situation.

3. Upload Required Documents

For Skycop to handle your Jet2 delay claim, submit proof of your flight reservation number. Skycop may also ask for a copy of your identity document, the delay notification you received or your correspondence with the airline.

4. Track Claim Progress

Sign into your account to view the progress of your Jet2 flight delay compensation claim.

How Much Jet2 Flight Compensation Can You Expect?

Depending on the distance of your flight, you can expect to receive the following Jet2 flight compensation:

Less than 1,500 km


1,500 km - 3,500 km


3,500 km +


Why Claim Flight Compensation With Skycop?

Skycop’s team are experts in passenger compensation rights. There are plenty of reasons to claim delay compensation from Jet2 with Skycop.

Quick And Easy

Claiming compensation for flight issues doesn’t have to be difficult. Registering for Skycop takes minutes and you can check your progress easily. Skycop takes care of the whole claim process for you. Just relax and wait for your Jet2 compensation for delay.

No Financial Risk

Trying Skycop carries zero risk. With Skycop, you only pay if your Jet2 flight compensation claim is successful. If you don’t receive delay compensation from Jet2, you don’t pay anything.

Claim Old Flights

Skycop can get your compensation for flight delay with Jet2, even if the flight in question happened years ago. It can feel difficult to start an old claim, but Skycop can get you started where you left off and fight for your compensation.

What Our Clients Say About Us

As a leader in aviation compensation assistance, Skycop helps clients deal with Jet2 complaints and compensation. Clients are surprised with how easy Skycop is:

Super quick reaction to a customer’s inquiries.

Super quick reaction to a customer's inquiries. Although my case was not very promising, in the end, it turned out with payout from the airlines.



Very fast and professional provider

Very fast and professional provider. Everything you need to know about your claim is written and described on the official page. Helpful and super fast in communication



Was Your Flight Disrupted? Get Your Compensation with Skycop!

Get your Jet2 claim delay compensation by filling out Skycop’s quick online form. We’ll get started on your case right away!