Jet2 Compensation - Claim for Your Jet2 Flight Delay or Cancellation Now!

You can get up to €600 in Jet2 compensation for a delayed, cancelled, or overbooked flight.


Jet2 (LS) is a UK-based low-cost airline and holiday company, headquartered in Leeds, England. Established in 2002, Jet2 has grown to become the third-largest scheduled airline in the UK, operating flights to over 80 destinations across Europe. The airline is part of the Jet2 plc group, which also includes a leisure travel arm offering package holidays to popular destinations.

City: Leeds

Country: England

Jet2 Compensation For Delayed and Cancelled Flights

Flight delayed or cancelled? You could be entitled to Jet2 compensation. Learn your rights and how to claim compensation efficiently. Don’t miss out on what you’re owed—click here to get started on your claim today!

Useful Advice & Information about Jet2

Now we’ll get into some helpful tips and information on Jet2 flights, particularly when it comes to handling Jet2 flight cancellations and delays:

1. Jet2 delays /cancels:

  • If your Jet2 flight is delayed for more than 3 hours, you may be entitled to up to €600 in Jet2 flight compensation.
  • Jet2 flight cancellations’ policy follows the EU Air Passenger Rights Regulation 261/2004. If a flight is canceled within 14 days, passengers get the right to compensation.
  • Remember that the airline company may not pay a Jet2 refund in extreme weather or air traffic control strikes.

2. Effective Communication:

  • Keep updated: Official websites, apps, and airport announcements provide flight status updates.
  • Be polite: Even when frustrated, be polite to airline workers.
  • Ask queries: Ask about alternate flights, Jet2 compensation, and help.

3. For Comfort During Waiting:

  • Bring necessities: Pack food, drinks, chargers, and entertainment (books, music, and movies).
  • Stretch and walk: Short walks prevent stiffness during extended waits.

4. Utilize airport facilities: Visit lounges, stores, and peaceful spots.

5. Possible Solution: Skycop

Skycop helps travelers get Jet2 flight compensation. When Jet2 cancels your flight within 14 days, or your plane is 3+ hours late, it may help you get compensation for delayed flight Jet2, cancelled ones, and you can even receive overbooked flight compensation thanks to Skycop.

Extra Services Jet2 Offers at the Airport

To make clients' travel experience even better, Jet2 provides a number of additional services at the airport. So, what is at your disposal?

Your Rights as a Passenger: Jet2 Flight Delay Compensation

Jet2 delays affect Jet2 passengers’ rights and compensation:

  • Passenger rights and EU Regulation 261/2004:

    1. EU Regulation 261/2004 protects passengers travelling within, into, or out of the EU and with a European carrier.

    2. This rule guarantees help and Jet2 flight compensation for airline delays and cancellations.

  • Jet2 delayed flight compensation:

    1. Jet2 must offer food, drinks, and lodging if your flight is delayed more than two hours.

    2. Flight distance may determine compensation for delays of three hours or more:

      • Up to 1500-km flights: €250.
      • 1500–3500 km flights: €400.
      • 3500+ km flights: €600.

Cash, electronic bank transfer, or other agreed-upon means should be used to pay Jet2 compensation for delayed flights.

  • Reimbursement and Rerouting

    1. For Jet2 flights delayed by five hours or more, you may get a ticket refund if you opt not to go.

    2. Rerouting to your ultimate destination as soon as possible or later, depending on seat availability.

Steps to Take If Your Jet2 Flight Is Delayed or Cancelled

To make your Jet2 cancellations or delays go well, follow these steps:

  1. Gather Information:

    • For real-time flight status updates, check airport information displays or Jet2’s website.
    • Listen for gate or terminal announcements.
  2. Contact Jet2:

    • Contact Jet2’s customer support desk or hotline.
    • Give your booking reference and flight info.
  3. Know Your Rights:

    • Read EU Regulation 261/2004 on passenger rights during delays and Jet2 cancelled flights.
    • Understand flying distance flight cancellation compensation criteria.
  4. Opt for a Jet2 refund:

  5. Gather Evidence:

    • Photograph pertinent signs, displays, and announcements.
    • Record the delay or Jet2 cancellations’ time.
  6. Get lodging and food:

    • If Jet2 delays exceed two hours, the company must supply food and drinks.
    • Ask about hotel accommodations for overnight delays.
  7. Rebook or refund:

    • If your flight is canceled, Jet2 will rebook you or pay Jet2 flight cancellation compensation.
    • Consider alternative flights or dates.
  8. Be Patient and Polite:

    • Jet2 cancelled flights and delays are annoying, but be cool and friendly with airline workers.
    • Record names and interactions.
    • Passengers have rights, and Jet2 must help with delays and cancellations.

How to Claim Compensation for Jet2 Flight Delays

This brief guide can help you claim Jet2 flight delay compensation or Jet2 compensation for cancelled flight:

  1. 1

    Standards for Eligibility:

    • If Jet2 flights are delayed more than 3 hours or canceled without warning, EC Regulation 261/2004 provides compensation.
    • Jet2 flight delay compensation ranges from €250 to €600, depending on travel distance and delay.

  2. 2

    Essential Documents:

    • Keep records of your flight details: booking reference, flight number, and departure/arrival timings.
    • Note any Jet2 delay or cancellation communications.

  3. 3

    Claim Procedure:

    • Try Skycop or Jet2 claim form.
    • File your Jet2 compensation form with details.
    • Jet2 will respond to your claim within a month.

How to Achieve Success?

Be prompt: Submit your Jet2 compensation form ASAP.

Be persistent: If Jet2 refuses your claim, consider Skycop for legal help.

Copy all communication.

How much is Jet2 compensation?

The following table displays the compensation details for flights on Jet2:

Flight Distance Delay Duration Compensation Amount
Short-haul (up to 1,500 km) Over 3 hours Up to €250
Medium-haul (1,500 km to 3,500 km) Over 3 hours Up to €400
Long-haul (over 3,500 km) Over 3 hours Up to €600

Latest Jet2 Flight Delays and Cancellations

Check the latest Jet2 flight delays and cancellations. Our data is summarized in the table below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Jet2 Pay Compensation For Delays?

Jet2 compensates for flight delays in certain cases. EC261 legislation may allow you to get Jet2 delay compensation if your Jet2 flight is delayed by more than 3 hours due to technical difficulties or crew availability. Flight distance and delay duration determine compensation.

How Do I Claim Compensation From Jet2?

For Jet2 delay compensation, complete these steps:

  • Keep records: Write down your flight number, date, and delay length.
  • Contact Jet2: Contact Jet2 customer care or submit a Jet2 flight delay compensation form online.
  • Show evidence: Attach boarding passes, ticket confirmations, etc. to support your claim.
  • Be patient: Jet2 should address your claim, albeit it may take time.
How Long Is My Flight Delayed Before I Get Compensation?

Jet2 flights delayed for more than 3 hours are compensable. The airline must be responsible for the delay (if there are no special circumstances).

How Long Does It Take To Get Money Back From Jet2?

Compensation timelines vary. Jet2 handles claims within weeks, but sometimes longer. Just wait and follow up.

Help Provided at These Airports and More

Jet2 enhances airport travel with a variety of services. It operates daily flights from 10 UK airports to over 65 European and international destinations with affordable tickets and courteous service. Skytrax rates them a 3-Star Low-Cost Airline for passenger comfort, baggage/seat costs, onboard food & drinks, cabin cleanliness, and personnel service. Enjoy Jet2 services at the following airports: