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WestJet Compensation - Claim for Your WestJet Flight Delay or Cancellation Now!

You can get up to €600 in WestJet compensation for a delayed, cancelled, or overbooked flight.


WestJet (WS) is a leading Canadian low-cost airline headquartered in Calgary, Canada. With a growing fleet and over 100 destinations, WestJet offers affordable and reliable flights across North America, Central America, the Caribbean, and Europe. With its focus on customer satisfaction, WestJet provides a comfortable and enjoyable flying experience to all its passengers.

City: Calgary

Country: Canada

WestJet Compensation

Whether you are on a vacation or business trip, unexpected delays and cancellations can cause chaos among the most seasoned travellers. A GAO analysis revealed that around 15 million airline passengers experienced flight delays and cancellations.

Flight disruptions can leave us feeling powerless and out of control. The airline may offer compensation or replacement flights to rectify the situation, but it can often be a lengthy and stressful process.

Here is everything you need to know about how Skycop can assist you with your WestJet compensation claim.

WestJet Compensation for Flight Delays and Cancellations

WestJet may have told you that your flight delay or cancellation was caused by circumstances beyond their control or “extraordinary circumstances.” We can investigate whether you are entitled to flight compensation from WestJet by asking some key questions.

When Are You Entitled To WestJet Flight Compensation?

Passengers are protected by EU Air Passenger Rights Regulation 261 which states that airlines must provide compensation in situations where flights are delayed more than 3 hours. WestJet should explain the many reasons why you may experience flight disruptions so you can decide whether you should claim WestJet compensation.

The airline states that passengers must be on a flight to, from, or within Canada to claim flight compensation from WestJet.

Flight Disruptions

Disruptions are common when travelling by air, and are often beyond the airline’s control. However, overbooked flights or staff shortages can cause delays and cancellations. In these cases, you should receive a refund, alternative flight, or WestJet baggage delay compensation.

Schedule Change

Passengers must be notified of a schedule change at least two weeks before the travel date. Unannounced schedule changes can cause issues with onward travel and passengers should receive compensation for missed flights as per WestJet’s claim compensation policy.

Flight Cancellations

Passengers can claim compensation for flights that are cancelled for reasons within WestJet’s control. If alternative travel arrangements are not available through the airline then a full refund should be issued by WestJet.

Extraordinary Circumstances

Extraordinary circumstances are often used by airlines to shift the blame and avoid paying compensation to passengers. Some of the most common extraordinary circumstances that cause disruption include:

  • Acts of terrorism or sabotage
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Political unrest
  • Strikes unrelated to the airline (air traffic control)

Such circumstances require the airline to cancel flights to ensure the safety of its passengers and staff.

Claim Westjet for Flight Delay Compensation

You may be eligible for WestJet flight delay compensation if you experienced disruptions or cancellations that were under the airline’s control. It is important to speak with the airline to find out the official reason behind your delay or cancellation.

Experienced Delayed Flights With Westjet?

If you arrive at your destination 3 hours late or more, then you could request flight compensation from WestJet for a delayed flight.

Claim Westjet for Flight Cancellation Compensation

If your flight is cancelled with no alternative arrangement then you should claim flight cancellation compensation from WestJet. WestJet may also provide reimbursement for travel expenses, WestJet hotel compensation or lost luggage.

Westjet Surprised You With Flight Cancellation?

The policy states that passengers may claim flight cancellation compensation from WestJet if they were informed 14 days or less before the original departure time. The reason for the cancellation must be within WestJet’s control.

Claiming Compensation for Disrupted Westjet Flights with Skycop

Claiming compensation for disrupted flights is quick and easy with Skycop! We can handle your claim while you sit back and wait for your WestJet flight refund. The process of claiming through Skycop is straightforward.

1. Register on Skycop

Visit our website and enter your details to register your claim with us. Our professional team will do the hard work while you relax at home.

2. Provide Flight Details

Enter your flight details including the booking number, ticket confirmation, and airport information.

3. Upload Required Documents

Important documents can support your WestJet claim for a delayed flight and ensure that you receive your compensation. Provide as many supporting documents as possible including your boarding pass and ticket number.

4. Track Claim Progress

Check the progress of your WestJet claim by logging onto our secure website. We will send you important updates about your claim when we receive information from the airline.

How Much Westjet Flight Compensation Can You Expect?

You could expect up to $1,000 if your flight was delayed by 9 hours or more. It is important to provide the departure time and estimated arrival when claiming so we can calculate your WestJet flight delay compensation and present your case to the airline.

Why Claim Flight Compensation With Skycop?

Claiming compensation and battling a major airline can be time-consuming and stressful. Our service is quick and easy to use with a knowledgeable and professional team to support you through the process. You can monitor the progress of your claim while we handle the difficult elements of your case.

Quick And Easy

Submitting your information and flight documents is easy to do with our online WestJet compensation claim form and registration process. 

No Financial Risk

Your finances are safe when you claim through Skycop. We won’t request payment until you win your case.

Claim Old Flights

Passengers can claim compensation for past flights. There is no time restriction on when you can submit a compensation claim.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Our trustworthy team has used their years of experience to help hundreds of clients claim their WestJet refund for a cancelled flight.

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We aim to complete WestJet cancellation claims as quickly as possible to deliver the compensation you deserve!

Was Your Flight Disrupted? Get Your Compensation with Skycop!

WestJet is obliged to provide compensation in situations within its control such as overbooking and staff shortages. Skycop can simplify the WestJet apply-for compensation claim process and help you claim the financial reward you deserve. Complete our quick and easy online form to start your claim today!