European Commission Updates EU Air Safety List

This week we received a major update on the EU Air Safety List, which is an official list of air carriers banned in the European Union. Airlines certified in Gabon from now on have been released from the list, as this Central African country has effectively strengthened its national air safety regulations. However, with the latest update of the list, the European Commission noted the negative developments in the global aviation market by denouncing the Armenian Civil Aviation Authority for displaying ‘signs of a decrease in safety oversight.’

The renewed “blacklist” consists of 115 airlines whose activities do not meet the security requirements set by the European Commission. These inconsistencies in air safety regulation can be attributed to the operation of certain airlines as well as to national air safety legislation and it’s an implementation in a given country.

Implemented for over a decade, a ban on flights into the European airspace for air carriers included in the list often has significant negative economic consequences both for the airline itself as well as the country, under which jurisdiction the air carrier operates. In doing so, the corresponding decisions of the European Commission encourage local businesses and state-owned air carriers to pull up, as well as national regulations on aviation security to be effectively stretched.

Legal regulation of the aviation market within the European Union is constantly improving – and the impact of such regulations outside the EU is more obvious than ever. This applies both to air safety oversight and the regulation of air carriers, as well as to air passenger rights. Both the safety of air transportation as well as air passenger rights – particularly in the event of a delayed flight, flight cancellation or overbooking – should be a top priority not only for the regulatory authorities but also for the airlines.


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