5 Things You Want On Your Carry-On

The carry-on bag is one last breath of freedom that airlines allow you these days. Make sure that you make the best of it! Here’s our advice on what items you should take with you aboard the plane. That way, you won’t shed too many tears if something bad happens in the luggage compartment or if your luggage gets accidentally kicked a few dozen times at the airport!

1. Travel documents

These are your tickets, your boarding passes, passports – basically anything you need to get wherever you’re trying to go. If you have them on you, you will still be able to continue your trip even if your luggage decides to land at some other airport.

2. Valuables

If you don’t fancy your grandma’s antique brooch (which you’re inexplicably taking on your trip) or your brand new laptop getting either stolen or broken, take them with you. It’s safer that way.

3. Entertainment

Flights are generally boring. So that’s why you should take your laptop, iPad or Kindle with you. You might be able to buy a lurid airport novel at one of the stores on-site, but e-readers take up a lot less space. They also don’t alert the other passengers to your trashy taste in books.

4. A Light Snack

If you don’t fancy selling your firstborn child to pay for a croissant, better pack some sandwiches. Some airlines might be stricter about it than others, but it’s worth a shot. Just remember: don’t take anything that smells strong or is messy, don’t get any liquids over 100ml, and eat everything before you land.

5. Some Stuff For Personal Hygiene

Fellow airplane passengers appreciate you not stinking. So bring a change of shirt and other underwear, as well as some wet wipes, and maybe even a teeny-tiny bit of toothpaste. You will be especially appreciative of your own foresight if your luggage goes on a trip of its own – or if your flight is delayed or cancelled! Forewarned is forearmed – and those armpits need deodorant!

Bonus Lifehack:

It gets chilly on the plane, but don’t pack your sweater into the carry-on! That’s precious space that could be taken up by horrible airport thrillers and bland sandwiches. Instead, take the sweater into your arms, throw it over your shoulder or hold it in some other surreptitious way. If you don’t get cold, a rolled-up sweater can act as a pillow.

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