Summer Festival Survival Kit: The Skycop Guide

It is Skycop’s belief that summer is upon us. With comes the festival season, when folks from all around the world congregate in some wilderness location to listen to music and be uncomfortable. However, you can avoid that last part if you follow our festival survival kit guide.


We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun – and that leads to sunburns, at the very least. You don’t want to be red and aching at a fest without a cool story to go with it. Avoid sunburns and lessen the risk of skin cancer by bringing sunscreen.

A Smart Water Bottle

Partying hard is a thirsty business, and you need to stay hydrated. Avoid atrocious prices for bottled water and lessen plastic waste by getting yourself a smart water bottle. It will help you avoid spills during your Technoviking impression, keep you fresh after you have done your Technoviking impression and may even be collapsible for easy transport.


Speaking of getting dry: boy, those festival-goers do kick up a lot of dust (offer void in festivals that get rained into a Verdun-like hell-mire). Protect your beautiful, sensitive eyes and face with a cool bandana and goggles.

Chapstick and Eye Drops

So you didn’t listen to me and now your face is a wind-swept ruin. Time to apply chapstick and eye drops. Who knows, someone might kiss you later, you want to be ready.

Cheap Sunglasses

Speaking about protection without employing innuendos, you might want to get sunglasses to avoid all of the damn sun (especially if you woke up hungover in the middle of the day). Best get a disposable pair, since your good ones might get crushed, stolen or otherwise damaged.

First Aid Kit

First Aid Case

If you get damaged, it’s good to have a small first aid kit – like a hiker’s kit – handy. Some issues may not be worth going to the first aid tent, after all, so you can patch yourself up to solo.

Band-Aids for Blisters

And if you’re patching yourself up, you might as well get some band-aids for your feet. The “music” part of the “music festival” implies that there may be some dancing involved. In these cases, even the most trust-worthy pair of shoes might fail you.

Over the Counter Pain-killers

Movement can do numbers on joints and feet, moshpits can do random blunt force trauma, and so on. Be prepared to alleviate the pain the next day with some ibuprofen-type stuff.


Get thee some hand sanitizer. Who knows what (or whom) you might end up touching, and what exciting germs you might meet. Protect yourself from diarrhea or worse with hand sanitizer.

Wet-wipes and Toilet Paper

Festivals aren’t known for their showers or quality toilets. Be prepared with wet wipes and toilet paper. Stay fresh, stay clean (I hear “shower wipes” are a thing) and with a roll of TP, the world is your toilet.

Dry Shampoo

“No shower” means that your hair will get progressively worse and worse. Stop that nonsense in its tracks with dry shampoo.


I shouldn’t even need to type that out, but my experience with game expos and nerd conventions says otherwise. You don’t have a good reason to be stinky at a festival, either.

Ear Protection

Obviously, you’re not taking ear-pro to protect your ear-drums from the pounding music. Ruining your hearing is part of the experience, after all. However, you might want to catch some z’s even without being dead tired – and that’s where ear protection really helps.


You have your toilet paper in hand and thanking me under your breath. However, you still have to find a porta-potty/bush in the night. Avoid stepping onto people or entangling yourself in tent lines with a head-mounted light. A “headlight,” if you will.

A Charger

Speaking of technical aspects, get yourself a portable phone charger/battery type thing. It’s a lot better and more dignified that looking for a vendor stall that will allow you to mooch some electricity. You may also want to get some batteries for the headlight.

Disposable Camera

This will help you protect your precious iPhone and encourage you to make cool pictures. Even if you lose a disposable camera, it’s not much of a financial loss.

A Theft-Proof Bag

Keep all of your stuff that you need on hand in a theft-proof bag. Even if you’re carrying around not much more than your festival kit, losing your chapstick wouldn’t be fun. For added security, get bad that you can hold on your chest.

And there you have it, a near-complete guide to festival survival kits. However, no survival kit can prevent flight disruptions when your traveling to a party in another country. So if you want to claim compensation for delayed, cancelled or overbooked flights the easy way, hit Skycop up! Up to €600 may be at stake, and that’s enough to get you some primo survival kit material.

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