According to OAG results analyzed by aviation research center CAPA, summer holiday trends in 2018 are taking a big turn. Flight seats to Eastern and Central European destinations are expected to outpace the well-liked Western tourist attractions. However, does this mean you can finally stop worrying about your flight arriving on time at Barcelona El Prat? We doubt it. But it’s worth to start checking flights to not your usual destinations and Skycop has a few to offer.

“To satisfy the growing air passenger traffic demand, European carriers increase their capacity by 40% each summer on average, says numbers collected by Eurocontrol. Thus, the warmest season of the year is always a quality test showcasing the weak spots in today’s aviation. Last year, the tightened EU boarder checks, British Airways’ cabin crew strikes and air traffic control industrial action in France caused 25,500 delays and havoc across major European airports. We hope this year the situation will be different,” says the CEO of flight compensation company Skycop, Marius Stonkus.

Holidays in Eurpope-Skycop

Possibly tired of tedious delays and disruptions increasing number of European travellers are choosing alternative routes for their summer holiday break. Have you also been burning precious nerve cells waiting for a departure last year, here are 3 Skycop picked destinations that will restore your faith in summer holidays. Take a look at these hidden European gems and get there before it explodes.

  1. Bled, Slovenia.

Situated around Lake Bled and surrounded by the cloud cutting Karawanks mountain range, the resort town proposes a mesmerizing getaway in the middle of Trigalv National park. Take a tour to its iconic fairy-like church, sit atop of the middle of the lake or spend a day walking down the rocky Vintgar Gorge. The best part – Bled is only a 30 min drive from the international airport of Ljubljana and the shuttle bus will get you straight to the town’s bus station.

  1. Lofoten, Norway.

Known for its weather anomaly, Lofoten is an archipelago lying within the Arctic Circle yet with above freezing temperatures all year. Get that romantic boost sitting on a 150 m pinnacle of Svolværgeita in Svolvær catching the sun which doesn’t descend below the horizon from the end of May to 17th of July.

  1. Kamchatka, Russia.

This summer Russia is expecting around 3.5 million fans coming for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Moscow will be congested with rowdy football fans and if you are not one of them, you might want to take a flight from the capital’s Sheremetyevo International to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky – an airport right on the Kamchatka peninsula. With a population of only 170 thousand, the land makes you feel as an explorer. The peninsula boasts one of the highest densities of brown bear population in the planet with 3 bears per capita, delicious types of salmon and red caviar. Visit one of the three peninsula’s Volcanoes or fish with whales jumping around your boat. What a perfect getaway!

“International airport of Ljubljana and Moscow’s Sheremetyevo both have shown good timekeeping results last year with the latter being ranked the most punctual gateway in Europe by OAG (83,55%). Thus, travelling to alternative summer destinations is a good strategy to avoid the chaos in Charles de Gaulle or Istanbul’s Ataturk. Nevertheless, when delays, cancellations, overbookings and unplanned staff strikes can happen anywhere, knowing your air passenger rights is what makes the difference,” reminds M. Stonkus.