Strikes in July? It’s not for Ryanair employees only! In Portugal, Portugália Airlines’ crews are planning to strike from July 11th to July 16th. This will affect flights either entering or leaving the country. The cabin crews demand better work conditions.

The strike affecting the TAP group member Portugália Airlines is organized by the SNPVAC union. The strike will last from midnight on Wednesday, July 10th, to a minute to midnight on Monday, July 16th. This protest will cover such activities as “assistance of any task on the ground that is ordered by the company, namely instruction or other service in which the crew member provides activity, medical inspections in the ambit of work medicine, situations of travel (…) or any other actions of training on the ground, travel to company premises so long as expressly ordered.”

Portuguese Strike

However, the union promises that the strike won’t affect any of the “social needs,” meaning certain flights to the Azores and Madeira – island-based autonomous regions of Portugal that are located in the mid-Atlantic – as well as any services related to natural disasters.

The biggest complaint of the strikers is related to working hours, which the union claims are worse than those of other TAP employees.

This strike will be simultaneous with the July 12th walkout of Irish pilots working for Ryanair. A bigger crew strike will hit several other Ryanair bases in Europe on the July 25th and 26th. The employees of the Irish carrier have many grievances including pay and seniority matters while the representatives of the airline call the strike “pointless.”

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