Jet2 CEO Steve Heapy warned that Brexit will make flights to Europe more expensive. Furthermore, a no deal scenario could be very damaging (and, at this point, very likely).

Gatwick airport plans to squeeze 30% more cars into its parking lot. How? By making adorable robots park them.

On Thursday, a Tunisian traveler on a Transavia flight from Paris tried to enter the cockpit after praying and got into the fight with flight attendants. After the flight diverted to Nice and police arrested him, he was taken to psychiatric care.

International Air Transport Association warns that up to 5 million flights could be cancelled once Brexit rolls around. And airlines don’t know how to plan for it – same as the government, it seems.

Qantas has found a new way of avoiding having to pay compensation for passengers on overbooked flights. They are now offering gift vouchers in advance for those willing to switch.

Extrapolating from data provided by EasyJet, it has been determined that the Gatwick drone scare has cost over 50 million pounds.

The Biggest Flight Disruptions This Week | 01.25
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The Biggest Flight Disruptions This Week | 01.25