5 European Events You Can’t Miss This June

June is upon us, and so are its many fun events. You wouldn’t want to be passive this summer, would you? That’s why Skycop is recommending you to visit these best European events in June.

Karneval der Kulturen

June 7-10, Berlin, Germany

Hey, the Germans work hard, but they also like to relax hard. However, if you want to see a German even with no lederhosen and only a smattering of techno, go to Karneval der Kulturen in Berlin. First conceived in 1993, it has grown into a massive, 4-day cultural event. It celebrates the many cultures that meet in Berlin with music, street food and stall, an actual carnival and a parade.

Cheltenham Science Festival

June 4 – 9, Cheltenham, England

If you’re quick and you snag some last-minute flight tickets, you should be able to catch some of the sights at the Cheltenham Science Festival! First held in 2002, it quickly became one of the most important science festivals in 2002. Birds? Tinkering? New trends in food science? All of this and more will be covered in five days of events that will please the nerd inside you.

A Taste of London

June 19-23, London, England

Summertime can leave you peckish – so why not visit the ‘A Taste of London’ festival? Rather than treating you to the traditional English culinary marvels like ‘a gray slab of meat’ or ‘some offal,’ you’ll be able to sample dishes from some of the best chefs around. Tastings, bars, produce markets, classes on preparing food in new ways or just how to pair food will be accessible for anyone who has the good taste to get a ticket.

Art Basel

June 13 – 16, Basel, Switzerland

Needed an excuse to visit Switzerland, but you can’t find an approval for your plan to tip purple cows? Then visit Art Basel. The works of 4,000 artists will be displayed in a plethora of mediums:  from paintings, drawings, sculptures and installations, digital art and video, they have their bases covered. Make some snobs angry by complaining about the lack of cuckoo clocks.

Festa de São João do Porto

June 23, Porto, Portugal

Porto claims the patronage of St. John the Baptist, and what better way to celebrate it than party hard on the Eve of St. John? The festival has six centuries of tradition behind it, but it really took off as the most important celebration in the 19th century. Party hard the whole evening, stop for a moment to regard the increasingly sophisticated firework displays, then party hard until morning. The festival is relatively unknown outside of Portugal, so you should have an easier time finding a spot.

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