Top 5 Best Last Minute Destinations for a Valentine’s Day Break

Short breaks on Valentine’s day tend to be more spontaneous than Summer holidays or traveling during the Christmas period. What is more, Valentine’s day this year is just at the beginning of the lovely weekend in the middle of February.

So it’s a perfectly perfect time to discover at least one of the most romantic destinations together with your beloved one. Wondering what’s really really hot this year? Hold on, we are just about to tell you everything.

Verona, Italy

This Italian destination was the must-go for the passionate couples from all around the globe at least for a century. Despite the fact that Shakspeare wrote his legendary piece more than four hundred years ago, as time goes by, traveling here is becoming more and more alluring. And globalization isn’t the only one to blame – or be thankful for. Nor only the widespread influence of popular culture is doing its job here. The emerging global tourism is also making a mark as the beautiful medieval city in the heart of the Veneto region is growing in popularity.

The list of tourist’s most beloved romantic-aura-awarded spots in the city, of course, includes Juliet’s House with the famous Juliet’s Balcony. As well as – not unexpectedly – Romeo’s house, which curious visitors will find some few hundred meters away. As both iconic lovers are known to be fictional characters, it is obvious that the primary intention of the city council who came with an idea of raising the balcony here back in the ’30s was to ingratiate the tourists.

Although looking like the most popular tourist spot in the whole Verona, Juliet’s House arguably isn’t the most beautiful – and probably even the most romantic place in town. Each of the landmarks such as Castel San Pietro (or St. Peter’s Castle), Piazza delle Erbe, Arche Scaligere, Castelvecchio or the Arena Amphitheatre are so strikingly imposing that it is worth visiting Verona just to see at least one of them.

Prague, Czech Republic

Just in the same way as Verona, the Czech capital does not disappear from the romantic getaway lists for years – if not decades. Since it was rediscovered in the early nineties, the popularity of this destination is constantly growing. Along with medieval architecture enthusiasts and cultural attraction seekers, thousands of lovey-dovey couples from all over the world choose Prague as their next European city break spot.

And the city seems always ready for that. Valentine’s day is no exception of course: with horse-drawn carriages eager to offer you more-than romantic ride through the inimitable medieval old town to hundreds of cozy cafes and restaurants ready to provide you a table for the most special evening – so far.

Aix-les-Bains, France

Scenically placed between the picturesque mountains of the Revard and the Mont du Chat, this marvelous corner, located in the region called Riviera of the Alps, attracts not only travelers longing for the stunning nature views. Those, as if purposely put here among the lakes surrounded by monumental mountains, seem to be taken straight out of a postcard. But that’s not the only thing attracting thousands of visitors to this professedly distant Alpine place.

It is also a distinct romantic charm that sometimes isn’t easy to grasp for those who do not find themselves in any kind of love-filled relationship. In fact, all the surroundings of Aix-les-Bains are filled with opportunities for adventurous activities – enough to fill even the most prolonged amorous getaway.

From the strolling around charming surroundings of Lac du Bourget to climbing Mont le Revard itself – latest being a bit challenging but truly rewarding activity – there’s plenty to do even for the lovers of outdoor activities alone. Add to that a unique appeal of the glooming nightlife at an Alpine resort with a bit of French relish and you’ll definitely ask yourself, why you haven’t taken your significant other here yet.

Delft, Netherlands

If you haven’t heard about this Dutch town, you’ll definitely be amazed after uncovering this undeservedly hidden germ. In some circles, it’s famous for the links with Dutch painter Vermeer and other masters the region is proud of. But all the artistic heritage which is concealed here still seems extremely difficult to comprehend all at once.

The more-than-impressive old town with medieval church Oude Kerk (famous for its 75 meters-high leaning tower) and town hall which reminds of the Dutch Renaissance architecture style does not leave one indifferent. So does the unique atmosphere of a romantic walk along the canals of Delft or visiting one of the cozy cafes along Vrouwjuttenland (one of the main canals, dating back to the 15th century). If you would dare to visit the town on the upcoming Valentine’s day, it still might be your best discovery of the year.

Marrakech, Morocco

Yes, we have already recommended you visiting Morocco some time ago. But this time we are doing this for a completely different reason. Not that this list lacks some non-European destination. It’s just because this place already can give you the charm of spring you’ve been waiting for the whole winter. And this is an ultra-affordable destination that is also easily reachable from virtually any corner of the globe.

At the same time, it is exotically romantic – with a lot of oriental glamour added. Everybody will suggest you visit the famous Jemaa el-Fnaa square – which, of course, is a must during such a trip – but Marrakech has much more to offer. It is often forgotten, but the city’s Medina alone is worth getting lost here for the whole day. If you are traveling to Marrakech on a Valentine’s Day, local hammam, or luxury spa naturally is something you are not even thinking to avoid – but it’s not unusual to forget such simple yet unique local attractions as Mint Tea ritual or a Hot Air Balloon ride. The city is so overfilled with opportunities for any kind of romantic activities that you’ll probably want to spend even two celebrations of Valentine’s Day here!

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