Diritti dei passeggeri del trasporto aereo

In quanto passeggero del trasporto aereo, i tuoi diritti sono tutelati dal Regolamento (CE) 261/2004. Questo Regolamento sancisce diritti comuni dei passeggeri del trasporto aereo in materia di risarcimenti per voli con ritardo superiore alle 3 ore, cancellazione e overbooking.

Impara a conoscere i tuoi diritti

Ai sensi del Regolamento CE 261/2004, sono tre i diritti principali dei passeggeri in caso di disagi su un volo:

Diritto di occuparsi di voli in ritardo di oltre 2 ore, cancellati o in overbooking

Il Regolamento (CE) n. 261/2004 impone alle compagnie aeree di prendersi cura del passeggero nel perdurare dei disagi, fornendo:

due telefonate gratuite;

email o fax gratuiti;

pasti e bevande gratuiti;

sistemazione in albergo;

transfert da/per l'aeroporto.

Inoltre, saranno rimborsate le spese nel caso in cui la compagnia aerea non abbia fornito assistenza

In caso di spese aggiuntive sostenute dai passeggeri e imputabili alla mancata assistenza da parte della compagnia aerea, il passeggero ha diritto a un rimborso, purché le spese possono essere ritenute ragionevoli (ad es., champagne o soggiorni in hotel a cinque stelle non sarebbero considerate tali).

Volo in ritardo con offerta di riprotezione

Volo in ritardo con offerta di rimborso del biglietto aereo

Volo cancellato con offerta di riprotezione

Volo cancellato con offerta di rimborso del biglietto aereo

Imbarco negato imputabile alla compagnia aerea

Imbarco negato imputabile al passeggero (arrivo in ritardo al gate, problemi legati passaporto, ecc.)


Can I get denied boarding compensation because of overbooking? What are my other rights?

In this case, you can expect to:

  • Recover the full price of the ticket within 7 days from the date of the incident
  • Get a ticket on the next plane to your final destination, under similar terms
  • Select a later flight under similar conditions.

If you choose to travel on a different route, and you have to wait, the carrier is required to provide you with free meals and drinks, access to two free calls, let you use email or send a free fax. When you have to wait for a flight for one or more nights – you must be granted free accommodation in a hotel, including transport to/from the airport.

I am a non-EU citizen. Can I expect compensation for a cancelled or delayed flight?

Yes. Irrespective of the passenger’s nationality, the regulation applies to all passengers who departed from any airport within the EU or arrived to the EU on an airline registered in the European Union.

Several people (family members, friends travelling together, etc.) booked tickets together and all the names are on a single booking form. Which person has to fill in the claim?

When completing the form, you can fill in a claim on behalf of each passenger whose ticket was booked along with yours. You will need to enter the data for each passenger, and we will send them the links to your completed claim and to the document that they will have to sign, in order for us to represent their rights.

In addition, each passenger can choose to fill in a claim for himself.

What law regulates the payment of compensation for delayed or cancelled flights?

The rights of air passengers and the obligations of airlines are outlined in EU law by Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004. The document details the rules on compensation and assistance to passengers in the event of denied boarding and of cancellation or long delay of flights.

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